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Washington Crane School Hoisting Equipment

Hoisting equipment.

(1) Sheaves.

(a) Sheave grooves shall be smooth and free from surface defects which could cause rope damage.

(b) Sheaves carrying ropes which can be momentarily unloaded shall be provided with close-fitting guards or other suitable devices to guide the rope back into the groove when the load is applied again.

(c) The sheaves in the bottom block shall be equipped with close-fitting guards that will prevent ropes from becoming fouled when the block is laying on the ground with ropes loose.

(d) Pockets and flanges of sheaves used with hoist chains shall be of such dimensions that the chain does not catch or bind during operation.

(e) All running sheaves shall be equipped with means for lubrication.
Permanently lubricated, sealed and/or shielded bearings meet this requirement.

(2) Ropes.

(a) In using hoisting ropes, the crane manufacturer's recommendation shall be followed. The rated load divided by the number of parts of rope shall not exceed 20 percent of the nominal breaking strength of the rope.

(b) Socketing shall be done in the manner specified by the manufacturer of the assembly.

(c) Rope shall be secured to the drum as follows:

(i) No less than two wraps of rope shall remain on the drum when the hook is in its extreme low position.

(ii) Rope end shall be anchored by a clamp securely attached to the drum, or by a socket arrangement approved by the crane or rope manufacturer.

(d) Rope clips attached with U-bolts shall have the U-bolts on the dead or short end of the rope. Spacing and number of all types of clips shall be in accordance with (2)(e) of this section. Clips shall be drop-forged steel in all sizes manufactured commercially. When a newly installed rope has been in operation for an hour, all nuts on the clip bolts shall be retightened.

Diameter of Rope

Number Of Clips Required

Space Between Clips

1 1/2 inch


10 inches

1 3/8 inch


9 inches

1 1/4 inch


8 inches

1 1/8 inch


7 inches

1 inch


6 inches

7/8 inch


5 1/4 inches

3/4 inch


4 1/2 inches

3/8 to 5/8 inch


3 inches

(f) Swaged or compressed fittings shall be applied as recommended by the rope or crane manufacturer.

(g) Wherever exposed to temperatures, at which fiber cores would be damaged, rope having an independent wire-rope or wire-strand core, or other temperature-damage resistant core shall be used.

(h) Replacement rope shall be the same size, grade, and construction as the original rope furnished by the crane manufacturer, unless otherwise recommended by a wire rope manufacturer due to actual working condition requirements.

(3) Equalizers. If a load is supported by more than one part of rope, the tension in the parts shall be equalized.

(4) Hooks. Hooks shall meet the manufacturer's recommendations and shall not be overloaded. Safety latch-type hooks shall be used or the hook shall be moused.