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Washington Crane School Guarantee

“We guarantee you will pass your crane operator certification written tests after our 2 day class or your next class with us is free.”

This means the candidate can come back to our crane operator certification class held monthly as many times as necessary until he/she passes all of their certification written tests. This also includes all class handouts and any test sitting fees would be free until our job is done. With some of the highest pass rates in the nation you can’t go wrong.

Candidate would only be responsible for applicable fees to International Assessment Institute (IAI) the testing company.

1 Specialty retest (small or large telescopic crane) - $65.00
2 specialty retests (small& large telescopic crane) $75.00
Core exam retest (includes 1 specialty exam)-$165.00
Core exam + 2 specialty exams retests - $175.00
(these fees are not marked up)

You do not pay Washington Crane School another dime.

After assisting thousands of candidates from around the nation with the national crane operator certification process we know what’s important to our valued customers; Getting that national crane operator certification card in your pocket quickly and for a reasonable price.


The following is a list of customers we have made this happen for.


49th Parallel Group, Inc.
A-1 Crane San Diego
A-Line Crane
A & A Concrete Supply, Inc.
A & A Sign & Crane, Inc.
A & W Crane
A.C. Houston Lumber Company
A.W. Fowler Construction
AA Production Services, Inc. - Princeton
AA Production Services, Inc. - Woodland
ABB, Inc.
ABC Supply Co. Inc. - El Cajon
ABC Supply Co. Inc. - Gardena
ABC Supply Co. Inc. - Monrovia
ABC Supply Co. Inc. - Ontario
ABC Supply Co. Inc. - Santa Ana
Advanced Boring and Microtunneling (ABM)
Aera Energy LLC
AES Wind Generation
Affholder, Inc.
Air Condidtioning Design
Airstreams Maintenance Corp.
Akima Logistics Services
Alameda Power & Telecom
All American.htmlhalt
All Terrain, Inc.
Alliance Roofing
Allied Crane Service
Almanor Dock Supply
Alpine Steel, LLC
Amador Crane Service
American Ironworks Manufacturing, Inc.
Ameron International
Ampac Fine Chemicals
Anderson Pacific Eng. Const., Inc.
Anderson Pump Company, Inc.
Andrew Systems, Inc.
Angle Concrete, LLC
ASR Constructors, Inc.
Associated Ready Mix
Atlas Crane Service
Ava K Early
Ayala Boring, Inc.
AZ Crane
B & D Construction
B & W Precast Constructors
BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair
Baldi Bros, Inc.
Barbour Well Surveying Corporation
Bay Welders, Inc.
BE&K Construction Company
Bellis Steel Company, Inc.
Bentancourt Bros. Construction Inc.
Beryl Lockhart Enterprise
Berylwood Tree Farm
Best Drilling and Pump Inc.
Best Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.
Black Rock City - DPW
Blue's Roofing Company
Bob's Towing
Boeing Company
Boeing Company, AK
Bold Image Sign & Crane
Bresnyan Carriers
Brewer, David
Brickey Engineering Construction, Inc.
Brown, Neal
Bueno, Christopher
Builders Choice, Inc.
Bunyon Bros Tree Service
C. & C. Crane
Caithness Operating Company, LLC
Cal Sierra Development
California Highway Patrol
California Portland Cement Co.
Caltech Employees / Jason Scates
Canyon Crane Service
Carl Kjer and Sons
Catalina Pacific Concrete
Cemex, Inc.
Centimark Corp.
Central Coast Water Authority
Central Pipe Mechanical, Inc.
Chiller Services Rigging & Demo
Chowchilla Construction, Inc.
Chowchilla Water District
Christian Refenfuss Masonry, Inc.
Churchill Jr., Jay
City of Burbank
City of Burbank - Water and Power
City of Davis
City of Livermore
City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation
City of Monterey - Harbormaster
City of Monterey - Street Division
City of Newport Beach
City of Oceanside
City of Palo Alto
City of Poway
City of Sacramento - Dpt. of Transport.
City of Sacramento - Tree Services
City of Sacramento DOGS-Mainten. Services
City of Sacramento DOU-Plant Services
City of Sacramento DOU-Water Distribution
City of Santa Rosa
City of Santa Rosa Utilities Department
Clyde G. Steagall, Inc.
Coast Machinery Movers
Code 3 Services
Collins Electrical Company Inc., Sac
Collins Electrical Company, Inc. Stockton
Comet Electric, Inc.
Compu-Tech Lumber Products, Inc.
ConocoPhillips Company
Contra Costa County
Corey Delta
Coso Operating Company LLC
County of Humboldt
County of Los Angeles, I.S.D.
County of Monterey
County Sanitation Districts of LA county
CR Briggs Corporation
CR Transfer
Crane Mills
Crane Rental Service, Inc.
Crane School, Inc.
Crosno Construction, Inc.
Crown Engineering & Construction
CST Environmental
Cunningham-Davis, LLC
CW Warren Framing, Inc.
D & D Crane Service
Dalton Trucking, Inc.
Davey Large Tree Moving
Davis, Robert
DC Design and Construction
Department of Rehabilitation
Desert Crane Service, Inc.
DeYoung Power Systems, Inc.
Diamond Truss Inc.
Dicalite Minerals Corp.
Dixie Box & Crating
Dockside Machine & Ship Repair
Dole Packaged Frozen Foods, Inc.
Doug Wilson Construction
Duff, James R.
Duncan, David
Dura Crane
Durham Pump
Dutra Dredging Company
Dutra Group
DYK Incorporated
DynaPump, Inc.
E.E. Electric, Inc.
Eagle Peak Rock & Paving
Easy Street Crane
Eaton Drilling Co., Inc.
El Dorado Truss Co., Inc.
El Toro Water District
Eli Shivhon Crane Services, Inc.
Elijah Electric, Inc.
Ellis & Ellis Signs
Energy Unlimited, Inc.
Erickson Building Components
Escobedo, Miguel
Eureka Ready Mix
Evergreen Oil, Inc.
Evergreen Pulp
Fallbrook Public Utility District
Fallen Leaf Tree Service, Inc.
Farwest Safety, Inc.
Felix, Paul
Fintech Precast, Inc.
FMR Services, Inc.
Forman Construction
Fortuna Iron Corporation
Foss Maritime Company
Foster Wheeler Martinez
Four C's Service
FPL Energy Operating Services, Inc.
Franklin Construction, Inc.
Gateway Pacific Contractors, Inc.
Gavilan Crane & Rigging Svc.
General Truss Co., Inc.
Get Hooked Crane Service
Gilbeau Crane Service
GR Underground, Inc.
Grace Construction Co. Inc.
Granite Construction Company
Gray, Robert
Green Set, Inc.
Gresham, Nancy
Grinnell, William
Grossen Company
Gruntkosky, Jason
GSI Western, Inc.
Haddick's Towing, Inc.
Hansen Maintence Services, Inc.
Hanson Truss, Inc.
Harvey's Trench Shoring, Inc.
HDD Company, Inc.
HDD Company, Inc./Orangevale
Helix Water District
Herca Telecomm Services Inc.
Hidden Valley Pump Systems, Inc.
High Country Crane
High Desert Power Project, LLC
Hilltop Ranch, Inc.
Homewood Truss
Hot Line Construction Inc. - Brentwood
Hot Line Construction, Inc. - Ventura
Howk Systems
Hugo Neu-Proler Company
InfraSource Underground Services
Inland Concrete Ent. Inc.
Inland Valley Construction Company, Inc.
Inter-Mountain Truss & Girder, Inc.
ITT Industries
Iverson, Michael
J & D Fabricating and Repair, Inc.
J.C.S. General Engineering, Inc.
J.D. Group, Inc.
J.R. Simplot Company
James H. Cowan Associates, Inc.
Jenkins, Jonathan Worrall
Jensen Precast - Fairfield
Jensen Precast - Fontana
Jensen Precast - Los Molinos
Jensen Precast - North Las Vegas
Jensen Precast - Orland
Jensen Precast - Sacramento
Jensen Precast - Sparks
Jim Dobbas, Inc.
JMB Construction
John Prothero's Construction
Judge Netting, Inc. AZ
Judge Netting, Inc. CA
K S Mechanical, Inc.
K.V. Welding
Kahoonei, Gary
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A
Kay and Associates, Inc.
Keen Transport, Inc.
Kernen Construction
Kevin J Barry Ironworks
Knauf Insulation GmbH Plant 4
Knott's Berry Farm
Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing Co.Lincoln
Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing Co.Loomis
KRC Aggregate, Inc.
Krig, Mark
L.D. Strobel Co. Inc.
Laborers Training School
LAC-Dept. of Parks & Recreation
Landsburg Enterprises
Lang Exploratory Drilling
Larranaga Construction. Inc.
Lassen County R
Laurence-Hovenier, Inc.
Lazzarevich, Tyler
Leon Krous Drilling
Lewis Tree Service, Inc.
LNG Sign Service
Lodi Irrigation
Logan Crane Service
Longfellow Lumber Co. Inc.
Loomis Metal, Inc.
Lopez, Jose
Lori & Company Inc.
Los Angeles County Agr. Com./Wts. & Meas.
Lustre Enterprises
M-3 Construction
M.A. Mortenson Company
Madison Industries
Madonna, Inc./Madonna Properties II, LLC
Madsen Roof Company, Inc.
Magco Drilling Inc.
Mahaffey Companies
Maintenance Turnaround Services
Mammoth Pacific, L.P.
MarBorg Industries
Marketshare, Inc.
MarTech Mechanical Analysis/Repair, Inc.
Matrix Service, Inc.
Matteson, Brett
McMurray & Sons
MDS Construction
Meek's Lumber & Hardware
Merco, Inc.
Metro Builders & Engineers Group Ltd.
Mid-State Concrete Products
Mike Walker Lumber Co., Inc.
Miller's Custom Work, Inc.
Modesto Irrigation District
Molek, Robert
Monterey County Public Works
Moore Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Moss Lumber Co.
Mountain Pride Construction, Inc.
Mt. Lincoln Construction, Inc.
N.J. McCutchen, Inc.
National Oilwell Varco
Neil Feerick Hauling
Nevada BKD Corp.
Nevada Irrigation District
Norris Steel Fabrication, Inc.
North American Substation Services
North Coast Fabricators
North Star Minerals, Inc.
North State Electric & Pump
Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northstar Landcare, Inc.
O.C. Fleet Service / Orange Courier
Olson Precast Company
Omya California, Inc.
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3
Ormat Nevada, Inc.
Outback Materials
P & F Metals
Pacific Continental Truss
Pacific Oroville Power
Pacific Precast Corporation
Pacific Refrigeration Inc.
Pacific Ship Repair &  Fabrication, Inc.
Pacific Supply Co.
Pacific Union College
Padilla's Welding & Construction
Padre Dam Municipal Water District
Pat Scott Masonry
Pennigton, Randy
Penny's Concrete, Inc.
PG & E - Antioch
PG & E - Concord
PG & E - Daly City
PG & E - Davis
PG & E - Hayward
PG & E - Hayward (2)
PG & E - Loomis
PG & E - Merced
PG & E - Napa
PG & E - Newman
PG & E - Oakland
PG & E - Petaluma
PG & E - Richmond
PG & E - San Carlos
PG & E - Vacaville
Piedmont Lumber
Pipe Jacking Unlimited
Placerville Truss, Inc.
Porter Cal-Western
PowerWorks LLC
Precast Works, Inc.
Precision Builders
Premier Roofing, Inc.
Prime Power & Communicatrions, LLC
Pro-Cast Products, Inc.
Production Framing Systems, Inc.
Professional Tree Care Company
Quality Reinforcing, Inc.
R & B Reinforcing Steel Corp.
Rain For Rent
Ramirez, Edna
Rancho California Water District
Ray Toney & Associates
RCS, Inc.
Redding Crane Service
Reed International
Rees, Johnny
Reeve Trucking Co. Inc.
Reiman Corp.
Republic Electric
Republic ITS
Resource Development Company
Riggs, David
Ripon Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Rockford Corporation-Yuba City
Rockford Corporation - Rio Vista
Roofers Mart of Southern California
Roofing Supply Group, Inc.
Russell's Crane Service, Inc.
Sacramento Municipal Utility District-DH
Sacramento Municipal Utility District-JG
Safe Crane Systems
Saint - Gobain Proppants
Salt River Construction Corp.
San Diego County Water Authority
San Diego Workforce Partnership
Santa Cruz Port District
Sara Services
SBIW, Inc.
Scholder, David
Schroder & Son, Inc.
Scott River Pump & Irrigation
Scully Steel Construction, LLC
SCW Contracting Corporation
SDS Welding, LLC
Sea World of California
Senna Tree Company
Sensible Safety, Inc.
SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies, Inc.
Shell Los Angeles Rafinery
SHELL Martinez Refinery
Siemens Energy and Automation
Sierra Pine LTD
Sierra Pre-Bilt, Inc.
Signal Hill Petroleum, Inc.
Simon's Son Trucking
Simpson Timber Co.
Smith Crane and Rigging
Snows Oil Field Service
Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction, Inc.
South Bay Sand Blasting & Tank Cleaning
Southbay Boat Yard
Southern Cal. Underground Contr., Inc.
Southwest Construction Co., Inc.
Spar Tree Forestry, Inc.
Specialty Construction, Inc.
Spencer, Lorenzo
Spense, Michael
Spiess Const. Co. Inc
SRI International
Starcon International, Inc.
State Compensation Insurance/Kordecki,Dus
State Compensation Insurance/Swan,Wesley
Steiny and Company, Inc.
Steve Morris Logging & Contracting
Stevens Creek Quarry, Inc.
Stewart Engineering Inc.
Stone Roofing Company, Inc.
Structural Shotcrete Systems, Inc.
Superior Roofing
Syblon Reid General Contractors
T.L. Fabrications L.P.
Taft Construction Co.
Tanco Engineering, Inc.
Tenby Inc.
Terrazas Enterpises, LLC dba A-1 Welding
Thomason Mechanical Corp.
Timec - Carson
TIMEC Constructors - 125 Vallejo
TIMEC Constructors - 155 Vallejo
TL Pavlich Construction, Inc.
Traffic Solutions
TTR Substations, Inc.
Turner Trans-Lift 
UCI Construction, Inc.
Underground Construction Co., Inc.
Unimin Corporation
Union.htmlhalt, Inc.
Unique Crane Services Inc.
United Pumping Service, Inc.
United Rentals Trench Safety
Universal Plant Services
University of California San Diego
USS-POSCO Industries
VA Tech
Valley Center Municipal Water District
Valley Crest Tree Company
Van Buskirk, Frank
Vasilj, Inc.
Ventura County Sheriff's Department
Ventura Crane, Inc.
Vietnam Veterans of San Diego
Villa Truss
Vulcan Steel Company
Ward, Alva
Warren E&P, Inc.
Waste Management
Water Heater Man, Inc.
Water Ways Distribution
Waterproofing Associates
Waukesha Electric Systems
Wes's Crane Service, Inc.
West Valley Construction Company, Inc.
Western Crane Service
Western General Construction
Western Slope Livery
Western States Contracting, Inc.
Western Water Constructors
WesTower Communications
Wheelabrator Shasta Energy Co. Inc.
Whillock Contracting, Inc.
Whitaker Contractors, Inc.
Whitewater Maintenance Corporation
Williams Lumber, Inc.
Willingham Crane Service
Willis Construction Company, Inc.
Wilson's Sanitary, Inc.
Wilson Construction
Wood Group Field Services, Inc.
Wright Brothers
Xerxes Corporation


  Practical exams

We can back up our training to pass the written exams with a guarantee. However, we can not guarantee that a candidate is a super operator. This is why we can not guarantee a candidate will pass the practical (hands on) tests.

How to pass the national crane operator certification practical tests?