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Our training team has assisted more crane operators in getting that certification card in their pocket than any one in the state.

From application to certification

Whether it is three days or three weeks a crane operator school can never teach a candidate everything that is needed to become a proficient crane operator. This is not the type of thing that can be learned in a classroom or a controlled field environment. Crane operation is something that is learned out in the field on real job sites around experienced personnel. Washington Cane School’s program is designed to get you certified and get you out there. Washington Crane School does not set the crane operator certification standards, we are just the quickest most efficient way of getting you to meeting them.

Washington Crane School understands that most of the candidates who attend this class are not full time crane operators, some have other professions such as plumbers, mechanics, construction workers, linemen, truck drivers, electricians, and maintenance workers that only operate a crane from time to time.

This is why Washington Crane School designed an intense and fun course, complete with practical (hands on) testing that will get anyone from the novice to a full time crane operator through the crane operator certification written tests with ease in just 2.5 days. (crane safety included).

Washington Crane School does not just teach crane operator test preparation, we get candidates to understand the principles of crane operation & crane safety. These methods are what makes Washington Crane School so effective.